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★★★★★One of the top 50 psychics in the US★★★★★

★★★★★"Absolutly loved my reading! best physchic i been to on oranum...highly recomended by me...knew so many things in my situations...feel very thankfull and hopefull...gave me some great advice also...thank you so much taylor I really appreciate it so much... Much love here."

★★★★★ I am a psychic medium with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy. I do not use any tools such as Tarot, Runes, etc.

★★★★★ My spiritual awakening occurred in 2005 at the age of 23 when I took a workshop taught by internationally recognized author and psychic Kathleen Tucci. Within a year's time, I had started my own jail ministry, preaching the Word and channeling for inmates. I was called upon to share my gifts with the world in 2006. Since then I have corresponded with world renowned artist Alex Grey on methods of meditation and I keep in contact with my friend Allan who hosts the show "Bridging Heaven and Earth" on matters of healing and spiritual teaching. I have now done thousands of readings over the phone and in person. Join me in my free chat to see what I can do.

★★★★★ I receive my messages straight from my spirit guides, your spirit guides, angels, loved ones whom have crossed over and God.

★★★★★ I am here as a guide and spiritual teacher. I cannot make any decisions for you, I can only be a conduit for spiritual energy. I am here to spread clarity, love, and joy to those who seek it.

★★★★★I specialize in Career, Finance, Love and Relationships, Dream interpretation, and Helping You Find Your Path in Life.

★★★★★I make no promises that I have all the answers you seek, but I have helped thousands of people just like you, to mend relationships, heal broken hearts, and find clarity in difficult situations.

★★★★★I allow only the spirits of truth and righteousness into my readings. My spirit guides are strong and energetic and ready to help you in as many ways as they help me in my own life.

★★★★★ I connect to people and their situations almost instantly in some cases. In others, it may take a while, and some, not at all. I will always be sure I am connecting to you in Private Readings and if within the first 2 minutes or so, I have gotten no good connections or answers, I will most likely recommend another psychic on the network. I am not here to guess, that is a waste of your time and mine. I can not always connect immediately in free chat, so you may HAVE to take me Private to see if there is a connection. But, again, I will not waste your time if I do not feel a connection relatively quickly.

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Rules for my Free Chat:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
1) Please keep foul language to a minimum
2) Have a good time, get to know me first, and, as you feel led, start a Private Reading.
3) Please have a positive attitude and do not make fun of me or other members in my free chat.

★★★★★If you do not think you can handle the above mentioned rules, please find another psychic. Oranum has some of the best in the world!

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Clairvoyance (Sight)★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
This is a gift I rely heavily upon. My ability to see and interpret visions and symbols is quite accurate and something to behold.

❤❤❤❤❤Love and Light to all of you!❤❤❤❤❤

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★What Members Are Saying:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

★★★★★Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!!! AWESOME READING... GREAT PERSON.... AWESOME IS NOT ENOUGH!!!! WAS SPOT ON ON THE READING AND MAKING IT ALL CLEAR!!!! gerritmarx, jhb

★★★★★We clicked well.. He seemed to be on par with another psychic I talked to a few months ago with a girl I may meet .. The other Psychic from my home town totally unrelated to this site.. said I'd meet someone whose name was either a J or an M.. and right off the bat of my session today he said the same thing.. He said he felt there was a girl coming into my life starting with the name J... He seemed more natural about things. Some psychics will ask for your birth date and the other persons birth date as if they are using some software or something.. Regardless of what happens he seemed to enlighten me about everything. I really didn't feel he was blowing smoke at me. Good price, and good chat. Give him a shot, he's prob worth your time more than most on this site.. jeffmt1234, Plainfield

★★★★★Amazing!! Connected quickly and confirmed things about the situatiion I already new. Loved that he needed no tools. Thanks again Taylor. angelwings7, washington

★★★★★Oranum, you are really scoring with the new readers to your site. Taylor is definitely one of the very best!! His insights are so profoundly accurate and he evoked seep,deep healing energies inside me. I feel like I understand many thing better, and also feel great. He is a WONDERFUL Man and Reader! MerkabahMan633, San Diego,CA

★★★★★Taylor was sensational! I got a very well needed message(s) from me mum who has passed. Love and Light to you. I recomment Taylor to anyone! blueyze, Pitssburgh
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Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Angel readings, Angel communication, Angel healing, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing

Member testimonials

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thank you for the reassurance and confidence!
- by ginbellen, jkt
He is an amazing reader. Very accurate. Tunes right in. He is worth every penny and then some.
- by Cheryl, Phoenix
Powerful, motivating insight.
- by ., ,
Amazing psychic :) will definitely get a reading again. His readings were spot on x
- by Amzie, Islamabad
thank you so much!! 2nd reading with him...will definitely be back : )
- by l, ha
Taylor's awesome. I totally trust him. He always tunes right in and has amazing and helpful insights.
- by L, CA
He's absolutely phenomenal! Take him private if you have the chance.
- by Amy, US
i've consulted tens of oranum psychics since i discovered this site, and i can honestly tell you to stop when you read this review, and go to hire with taylor. read more »
- by ginbellen, bki
Picked up on the issue very easily and quickly :)
- by angie, *
Taylor is beyond amazing! Love him!
- by timag, ...
Taylor is gentle and kind and spot on!!
- by Raspberry47, ODense
Excellent reader who is very fast and extremely accurate too. Taylor is a true SUPERSTAR!! 5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
He was so great Very good reader!!!!!!!!
- by amanda, florida
Love you, Taylor. You're one of my most favorite psychics on here and friend. You're just great about everything. Many hugs,
- by familyhelper, California
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
He got straight to it. And he was right.
- by Sierra, Oxford
very good knew the person well
- by sddddd, uk
Awesome reading! Very accurate and compassionate, told me things I didn't know were possible! wow.. Highly recommend Taylor for any need!
- by Lynda22, usa
Thank you soo much! Wil be back to update for sure :) No tools needed and extremely quick!
- by lina, t
very very accurate sweet caring reader worth the money and i will be back!
- by Nicole Loustaunau , Peoria AZ
Great reading.. Picked up on a lot of stuff.. Thanks!
- by Mark, TT
He was amazing. Picked up information within a snap. Very handsome too. haha I kill myself. 5stars.
- by Tila T, Las Vegas
- by timag, ...
Fabulous Stuff!!
- by Cyndi, Surprise
5 stars....excellent psychic...very fast and accurate
- by Focusing, Atlanta
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneveus, Indiana
He is the best!!!
- by timag, ...
Thank you for another great reading :-))) Taylor is amazing, I really like talking to him and he makes me smile...always!! xxx
- by sara, uk
Quick connection and great advice as always
- by Lavi, portland
helpful. not to detailed, understanding. very helpful.
- by DaViana, New York
Taylor Brearley is the best every, evrything he says comes true.
- by Benny , San Marco
I love Taylor! He is awesome!
- by timag, ...
Excellent psychic...5 stars....very fast and very accurate too. good guy
- by Focusing, Atlanta
Another awesome reading. Taylor read the situation exactly as he has always done. Love talking with him. You will enjoy his readings too. Reads fast and does not waste your money.
- by R, Adelaide
I had a good dream...
- by andrew, shrewsbury
Great reading and great advice as usual!
- by Lav, Portland
on point and very informative. He is now my favorite and i loved every second of the reading with him!
- by Keiyonna, Oklahoma City
The real deal - look no further
- by Lotus71, NYC
Really nice guy, very calming! Look forward to predictions!Thank you very much!!
- by marie7498, uk
Another great reading from Taylor, I like the way he is straightforward and he always makes me laugh :-) Great person!! Thank you Taylor :-)
- by sara, uk
you are so funny! i love how direct and honest you are. spot on and even though i know i can't catch him as long as i get confirmation that he's the one that hu read more »
- by mag, usa
he is honest and sport on . dont even need to say much . he is very nice and polite person too . many blessing .
- by sai, va
He's great!
- by NEH, USA
- by NEH, USA
Fast connection; great reader!!! Finally, I have the clarity that I need so I can get moving in my life!
- by Lav, Portland
Fast connection!
- by Lav, portland
wonderful reading!
- by flow, nyc
Awesome reading, very connected and very accurate about my situations... Highly recommend Taylor.. and i'll be back, thank you!
- by Lynda22, usa
Taylor is one of a kind. He is so gifted, and is always a pleasure to have a session with. I totally trust what he tells me.
- by L, SB
Taylor's a lovely guy to chat with and makes you feel very at ease. A very positive reading.
Excellent psychic,,, 5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
thank you so much for your help
- by Angelique, london
Very straight forward.. and you can ask him all different kinds of questions, he is able to switch back and forth with no problems.. Great guy! Worth the money
- by Korby, Fort Rucker
You're amazing as always. Such a gift! Thanks so much.
- by familyhelper, California
thank you =)
- by adraine, NY
Taylor has such a warm energy. His reading was quick and honest and you can tell he truly cares..Will be back for an update...
- by USA, USA
Very good
- by Eve, Liverpool
such a compassionate reader! it has been sometime since the last reading I had with Taylor but again I was not disappointed. He really needs no info because h read more »
- by dani, usa
Very quick to connect, very easy to talk to and very positive... very nice!
- by J, USA
A pleasure, as always.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Excellent reading!! A pleasure to talk to Taylor, he made me laugh a lot!! I will definitely be back!!! xxx
- by sara, uk
I really like him, so I am getting another reading straight away :-)
- by sara, uk
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Taylor is an exceptional psychic. Spot on.
- by L, CA
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
He was so good ... i just had to take him back to pvt :) Try him you won't be disappointed.
- by R, Adelaide
Taylor is wonderful. He is calm and compassionate and most of all accurate. I would definitely recommend him and definitely be back. Thanks Taylor.
- by R, Adelaide
Taylor's a great man, period.
- by pauly61, in the world
Very calming and soothing energy, talking to Taylor was like talking to a brother and he saw and connected with the situation realistically. Also down to earth read more »
- by Aureus, Sthlm
Taylor is the best,keeps it real,no sugar coating,just the real deal, lookin forward to another reading,check him out you won't be sorry
- by pauly61, some where out there
cool cat
- by z, isl
he is amazing!!!
- by timag, ...
really amazing connection & reading. she is very precise with details & very accurate on my situation
- by Ammer, dubai
Seemed to connect really well, will wait and se eon predictions and will update if correct. x
- by TB, UK
Execllent psychic...One of the true superstars on Oranum...His predictions come true...5 stars
- by Focusing, Atlanta
System keeps knocking me out! Coming back taylor
- by familyhelper, California
Taylor is absolutely awesome , he was on point through out the entire reading. He is just amazing with his gift. I'll be looking forward to see how his predictions start to unfold. Many Blessings...
- by Lucy117, New York City
Top class bloke. Good intuition. Get him to ramp up his Texan accent too!! Lovely guy to talk to!
- by Londo, Ireland
The information he picks up on is truly unreal.
- by M, UK
Taylor was awesome. Gave me straight, blunt advice and his insight was spot on to my situation. I just gotta do something I'm not yet ready to do, but it'll benefit me in the long run so that is good
- by m, nola
thank You very much Taylor Brearley with your consultation it was fanatsic.
- by Felix Leitner, SanMarco di Venezia
Great reading, thank you.
- by daisy, london
He's awesome! I need this guy as a friend. He gives awesome advice even if I don't say much
- by Mermaidgirl719, Chicago
Really good psychic, wonderful reading.
- by Sonja Boes, Netherlands
He seemed to pick up amazingly without much info on not only the person I was coming to ask about but another relevant person in my life I had also had confusio read more »
- by M, UK
Connected fast and gave me the real straight answer fast. I really appreciate it! thank you. got my money's worth =)
- by Miss C, ON
Thank you for the beautiful reading . You are so right , all make sense ... Blessings
- by Blue, California
Mind. Blown. So glad I took the chance and had a reading with this guy! He's not only got the gift, but can use it. He is someone I will be back to see soon!
- by EyeRis6, USA
He is the best!!!
- by timag, ...
Love you, Taylor. You were the first psychic I connected with almost two years ago and there is nothing like connecting with you in a reading. You just are ab read more »
- by familyhelper, California
It's my first time to have readings with you and I am impressed with the accuracy. Thank you very much.
- by Mulder, Illinois
he's really good and connects fast.
- by wren1414, Tucson
This guy is awesome. He was right on so many levels. I will come back to speak with him!
- by AB, US
He is a charming and accurate reader. Very honest and direct, which i appreciate. No BS here...just a straight shooter who has intelligence, compassion and a great gift. will definitely be talking to him again.
- by wren1414, Tucson
Quick to connect. Good reading
- by Deb, Canada
good reader
- by smiley2011, london
Thank you for your honnesty, your efficiency, your kindness!! Very good energy Thank you again...!!!
- by Sophiecatwo, Caribbean
- by timag, ...
wow! what an outstanding reading! Taylor hit the nail on the head :) thanks again
- by gemmie, Munich
Really great to connect with Taylor again. He has been very helpful to me over the last (almost 3) years...An incredible reader and very inspiring. Always offer read more »
- by Christina, TX

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