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I am a psychic medium with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empathy. I do not use any tools such as Tarot, Runes, etc.

★★★★★ My spiritual awakening occurred in 2005 at the age of 23 when I took a workshop taught by internationally recognized author and psychic Kathleen Tucci. Within a year's time, I had started my own jail ministry, preaching the Word and channeling for inmates. I was called upon to share my gifts with the world in 2006. Since then I have corresponded with world renowned artist Alex Grey on methods of meditation and I keep in contact with my friend Allan who hosts the show "Bridging Heaven and Earth" on matters of healing and spiritual teaching. I have now done thousands of readings over the phone and in person. Join me in my free chat to see what I can do.

★★★★★ I receive my messages straight from my spirit guides, your spirit guides, angels, loved ones whom have crossed over.

★★★★★ I am here as a guide and spiritual teacher. I cannot make any decisions for you, I can only be a conduit for spiritual energy. I am here to spread clarity, love, and joy to those who seek it.

★★★★★I specialize in Career, Finance, Love and Relationships, Dream interpretation, messages from loved ones who have crossed over, and Helping You Find Your Path in Life.

★★★★★I make no promises that I have all the answers you seek, but I have helped thousands of people just like you, to mend relationships, heal broken hearts, and find clarity in difficult situations.

★★★★★I allow only the spirits of truth and righteousness into my readings. My spirit guides are strong and energetic and ready to help you in as many ways as they help me in my own life.

★★★★★ I connect to people and their situations almost instantly in most cases. I will always be sure I am connecting to you in Private Readings and if within the first 2 minutes or so, I have gotten no good connections or answers, I will most likely recommend another psychic on the network. I am not here to guess, that is a waste of your time and mine. I can not always connect immediately in free chat, so you may HAVE to take me Private to see if there is a connection. But, again, I will not waste your time if I do not feel a connection relatively quickly..

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Clairvoyance (Sight)★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★
This is a gift I rely heavily upon. My ability to see and interpret visions and symbols is quite accurate and something to behold.

❤❤❤❤❤Love and Light to all of you!❤❤❤❤❤

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★What Members Are Saying:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

★★★★★Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!!! AWESOME READING... GREAT PERSON.... AWESOME IS NOT ENOUGH!!!! WAS SPOT ON ON THE READING AND MAKING IT ALL CLEAR!!!! gerritmarx, jhb

★★★★★We clicked well.. He seemed to be on par with another psychic I talked to a few months ago with a girl I may meet .. The other Psychic from my home town totally unrelated to this site.. said I'd meet someone whose name was either a J or an M.. and right off the bat of my session today he said the same thing.. He said he felt there was a girl coming into my life starting with the name J... He seemed more natural about things. Some psychics will ask for your birth date and the other persons birth date as if they are using some software or something.. Regardless of what happens he seemed to enlighten me about everything. I really didn't feel he was blowing smoke at me. Good price, and good chat. Give him a shot, he's prob worth your time more than most on this site.. jeffmt1234, Plainfield

★★★★★Amazing!! Connected quickly and confirmed things about the situatiion I already new. Loved that he needed no tools. Thanks again Taylor. angelwings7, washington

★★★★★Oranum, you are really scoring with the new readers to your site. Taylor is definitely one of the very best!! His insights are so profoundly accurate and he evoked seep,deep healing energies inside me. I feel like I understand many thing better, and also feel great. He is a WONDERFUL Man and Reader! MerkabahMan633, San Diego,CA

★★★★★Taylor was sensational! I got a very well needed message(s) from me mum who has passed. Love and Light to you. I recomment Taylor to anyone! blueyze, Pitssburgh
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Dream interpretation, Clairvoyance, Angel readings, Angel communication, Angel healing, Love and sex, Home and family, Career and business, Travelling and relocation, Mind and body, Health and healing

Member testimonials

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Taylor's a super start here. He's so in tune, and has a calming presence.
- by A, CA
Great reading with Taylor!!
- by Summer, San Paulo del Porto
I love Taylor. He is so so gifted. He is also direct, on point, and has a great heart.
- by A, CA
He knows his stuff...very talented..asked nothing, very perceptive, very gifted. He connected almost immediately. Very positive, almost life-coach technique. I would recommend to anyone & everyone. Much gratitude! :)
- by Kelly, PHL
Great connection, quick and to the point, very honest. will be back
- by lornalulu, united states
very nice reading, taylor has the skills for sure, genuine intuitive and sagacious counsel.
- by Alastair Cooke, Binghampton
I love having a session with Taylor, because not only is he unfailingly clear on what he sees in his readings, but his energy is always calming and grounding.
- by L, CA
Great read, he was able to pinpoint things about me that were spot on and very comforting
- by KD, santa Monica
Thanks! He has an amazing talent. I can't believe how quickly he tuned in to the situation. I will be back for another reading.
- by scurlock, florida
thank you
- by ghost face, nm
- by L, ---------------
He is straight forward. A good reading in general. I recommend him.
- by stylus, canada
I love taylor. He is so amazing: intelligent, extremely tuned in, and just calls it like it is.
- by A, CA
thank you
- by j, j
this was my first reading with Taylor and it was awesome. He connected quickly and was very upfront and clear as well as personable and honest. He has a care read more »
- by MB, California
real deal. use him.
- by chris, london
Amazing reading! He described the person in question to a T!!
- by Mimi, Kuwait
he was amazing he was really good I will be back I am so happy I found him he will be my go to from here on in stop wasting your money and go to him
- by j, j
great great great psychic, always trust him . 10 stars
- by cof, sydney
First time reading with him. He picked up on everything so accurately...described the other guy to a T. Didn't have much time/money to get the prognosis but the reading of the situation was almost word perfect.
- by Karishma 76, Canada
I like him first reading! He sound chill but honest. Thank you thank you. He don't need alot of info :D
- by Antoinette, NY
Remarkable!!!!!! Absolutely spot on
- by love, us
Great guy and lovely soul. He is very gifted and offers wonderful readings.
- by L, CA
It's been awhile, thank you.
- by ,
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
LOVE speaking with Taylor - he is very insightful and gives tons of information. Give him a try, you wont be disappointed !!!! Thanks Taylor :)
- by Shawna, Florida
Excellent!!! Amazing!!! Gifted!!! Gives details and descriptions of what's coming. He said things about how I feel, where I live plus where I will be moving to. read more »
- by Ace, OH
Taylor is great! Quickly connects and gives answers, details, and predictions for things coming up. No fairy tales here, he's honest and upfront while deliverin read more »
- by Jennifer, ...
- by real love, *
I loved my reading with Taylor , he is awesome when he reads and funny too. I like his personality really sweet he helped me with a dilemma that I was having re read more »
- by sc, usa
Wonderful and insightful reading with lots of detail about me and another person. Spot on and gave some great advise along with compassion. Thanks so much Taylor!
- by Lynda22, USA
Taylor's readings are always highly accurate and detailed. He connects quickly, and his energy is kind, empathetic and non-judgemental. I always leave his reads read more »
- by starrose, nyc
He was awesome! Very fast and seemed very accurate :)
- by tiff, unknown
Taylor's really a great person and guide. Thank you for your time.
- by Cassandra, SG
Awesome reader!!!!!!!!! Very quick to pick up on the situation and accurate.
- by V, Ontario
Taylor is just so insightful and so connects so easily. His readings are just amazing and inspirational.
- by Elena, NY
So firstly - I did two readings with Taylor approximately a year and the second 8months ago. I was at career crossroads, and the advice and predictions that Ta read more »
- by starrose, nyc
so good!!!
- by carlinw, ga
He's good
- by Girly521, Texas
Absolutely fantastic!
- by NEH, USA
just amazing!
- by timag, ...
amazing like always!
- by timag, ...
amazing as always :)
- by timag, ...
Excellent psychic, fast, helpful and kind
- by Aloysius McGee, Renfrew Junction
You're the best! Thanks:)
- by Pat, us
I have been getting sessions from Taylor for almost 2 years now and he always amazes me. He is supremely gifted, and he is 100% truthful.
- by L, CA
very helpful !!! Good Reader !!!
- by lorenzo, NY
Taylor's great! immediately tuned in to where i was at developmentally, read my freinds and associates clearly, and offered some consistent good counsel regarding my current issues.
- by Cedrick Myleston, Okeefenokee Park
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
Fantastic reading with Taylor, he is awsome as always
- by Brent, San Frenando
awesome always!!!
- by timag, ...
- by kkbinid, I
Interesting reading
- by Sherry K , OM
Always great, and accurate!
- by JC, Chicago
great reader
- by oles, bas
I didn't' tell Taylor much and he picked up on my personality, my heaviness in regards to building boundaries and saying no, and also my relationship woes. Truly gifted and I enjoyed the reading thoroughly.
- by Jennifer, Kuwait
Great, gave me advice based on his reading through the other person's thought. Oh my God, it's a huge step for me to take. I should think about it. Thank you for the reading, was excellent
- by Sharen223, Montreal
Excellent reading 100% on my past .. worth the time and money ... Thank you xxxR
- by Rutinha133, Sydney
- quick indeed to establish connection. thank you.
- by kiwimix, nelson
Taylor's awesome. He's such a solid guy - -I just TRUST HIM. Always tuned in. Always gives me great guidance and insight.
- by L, CA
He just knows the situation so well, I don't even have to say much. It's like he's reading my thoughts and emotions, and talking about them helped put things in perspective for me.
- by Mimi, Kuwait
Honest and accurate insight, which I always appreciate
- by JC, Chicago
honest and quick .
- by sai. , va
absolutely brilliant !! the best guy on here for sure! worth every penny and more. Thank you, Taylor ! Exceptional service, reassuring and much much needed. Keep up the good work!
- by Imysgirl, Birmingham
Connected very fast and accurate. Im hoping everything falls into place soon!
- by Tiffany, NPR
Balm for my worries as usual!
- by Sierra, USA
Totally accurate, speaks with depth, not platitudes - I trust him completely, as he's been right for me before. Thanks so much!
- by Sierra, USA
He seems to really know his stuff! Very on point with reading the people involved especially about family.. very accurate. He made some really great predictions read more »
- by Mimi, Kuwait
I feel he picked up on the personalities involved accurately! Great reading!
- by Mimi, Kuwait
Im blown away every time I talk to him!
- by timag, ...
amazingly fast and accurate, my speakers werent working and he was able to deliver all answers very quickly, was spot on, one of the best
- by jana, beirut
Great insight and great connection, can get to the heart of the problem and help guide you through your challenges.
- by Lara , Williams lake
Very good, accurate, personable. Would recommend to anyone. :) :)
- by JLS, CR, IA
Taylor is amazing!
- by NEH, USA
great energy connection!
- by pink, usa
Impactful and honest as usual!
- by Sierra, USA
Tells you exactly where you are, where you could end up and what you need to hear to make you have relief and hope, one of the most in tuned and positive readers who not only helps with what you want but what you need ;)
- by Lara, canada
Taylor is awesome!
- by NEH, USA
Very good. Thank you. spot on. Will be back with updates
- by steph, NY
one of the best readers out there. very accurate and precise, connects fast, says what's necessary and helpful not what you want to hear with kindness which I always appreciate. Thanks!
- by starrose, nyc
great reading he picks up things. very accurate!
- by heather, philly
Really great as always! So accurate on your read on the person in question.
- by JC, Chicago
Awesome, awesome, awesome! As always good update! He is so down to earth and amazing! Could talk to him all day! wonderful soul
- by Tiffany, NPR
He blew me away! Without saying a word he knew exactly what was going on in my life and gave great insight advice.
- by Sparkle Pony, San Fran
Thank you again Taylor for another great reading :-) xxx
- by sara, uk
amazing reader. quick fast and insightful
- by c, us
SSOOOOOO wonderful!!!!! He is just straightforward and to the point. He is awesome! I wish he lived by me, he would cool to hang out with! Extremely accurate, g read more »
- by Tfanyy, NPR
very wonderful reading - gave me hope for the further and i look forward to chatting with him again soon.. thank you Taylor !!!
- by S, florida
Holy smokes! i swear, I felt like I was at a bar or cafe. just sitting down talking with a cool friend! He tells you as he sees it. Extremely down to earth. Ama read more »
- by Tiffany, NPR
awesome like always! :):)
- by timag, ...
Very positive and uplifting reading! Thank you Taylor you have made me feel like I can do anything and anything is possible! xxxxx blessings to you
- by Liz, Earth
Wonderful reading. Taylor is very helpful and picks up situations easily. He described the person I'm seeing in a previous reading (before I was even seeing him read more »
- by ., .
I was looking for additional insight on two potential job opportunities; to have an idea of possible implications at either employment. Taylor brought up diffe read more »
- by Jcal, Chicago
Great reading as always
- by Lavi, Portland
I find sessions with Taylor so helpful. Not only because of his insights, but I feel grounded after speaking with him. His clarity brings about much needed stability.
- by L, CA
awesome, love Taylor!
- by timag, ...
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
I had a pressing question regarding career, but Taylor was excellent in clarifying the situation. I am always impressed by the details he provides, amazing ability. Thank you!
- by JC, Chicago
A pleasure to speak with.
- by Alneverus, Indiana
always a brilliant reading - thank you
- by Brewster, Boston

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