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We have many experts that specialize in Tarot Readings, using a multitude of different decks that have been popular throughout history. Get a Free Tarot Reading from our psychics to determine which reader may be for you. Then you can request a private reading when you've found your match! Get your Tarot Card Reading now.... registration is free!

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Discover an ancient and extraordinarily effective technique

Even those who are not familiar with the psychic arts are usually able to recognize Tarot cards. These powerful tools for divination are familiar around the world, and have been used for centuries to help psychics form detailed, accurate pictures of the lives and circumstances surrounding those they read.

The Tarot deck: Steeped in history and tradition

For more than 500 years, people from all cultures and walks of life have tapped into the power of the Tarot. The first appearance of these cards was as a 14th century card game, using a deck that featured only the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana. The remaining portion of the modern Tarot deck, the 22 Major Arcana, came into use at first as a separate game, in the mid-15th century. Soon, the two decks were combined.

The resulting 78-card deck flourished during the Renaissance, when many people seeking enlightenment employed Tarot cards to improve their memories, access a higher consciousness, and gain insights into the divine. However, the emerging Catholic Church drove Tarot practitioners underground for several centuries.

In the 18th century, Tarot resurfaced in popularity, and the cards were modified slightly to reflect new spiritual beliefs. The Rider-Waite deck, which is still the best-known and most widely used deck today, first appeared in 1909. Since then, hundreds of themed Tarot decks have been designed, giving readers the opportunity to select a deck that matches personal energies and styles.

The online tarot reading process

A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards—22 in the Major Arcana, and 56 in the Minor Arcana. The structure of the Minor Arcana resembles that of standard playing cards. There are four suits: Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands. Each suit contains 14 cards, which are the numbers 2 through 10 and the ace, page, knight, queen, and king of each suit. The Major Arcana features themed cards such as The Sun, The Fool, The Priestess, and The Wheel of Fortune.

During your free Tarot reading, the psychic will infuse the deck with energy, shuffle the cards, and place them face-up in a reading layout or spread. The most common and comprehensive Tarot spread is the Celtic Cross, which offers you insight into your past, present, and future.

If you’re ready to receive guidance from an experienced psychic and a powerful, proven system, click here for your free Tarot reading online.

Members Testimonials

Poet301 is a very gifted and talented medium. Without any information, he was able to talk to me about my step father and brother who are both passed. The information he provided could not be known by anyone outside of our family and he was inc...
- by mmlerivera, US
I just had a private reading with sofiaangel23 (Sophia), and I thought she was great! She answered all of the questions, and I honestly felt like she tuned in on my thoughts/feelings/questions! She has a great energy, and I felt like she actuall...
- by mandy819us, US
For when you need to connect with a loved one, Poet301 is your man! Thank you for the readings we've done so far. Its closure and knowing your loved ones might have passed but they're still guiding and protecting you.
- by tash1921, QA
I had several readings from Poet301, I want to thank You for finding such a talented PSYCHIC he is so spot on, exactly what ur website needs. More professionals like Poet301. I had reconnected with ppl I have lost and couldnt be happier with t...
- by Niwroc-D61, US
ASKISABEL is awesome! I am so grateful for her listening to me not just promoting her new adventures in life. Thanks to her my mind is at rest and clear. I am very appreciative for her and I recommend her fully!
I was nervous and scared about my private reading however Cryptids allowed me to realise that. He was Still able to connect and highlight issues. I related to this connection and appreciated his way of interaction. He did not try to divert my re...
- by goddess11, GB
Sunee is the best ever and she so beautiful she has plenty of wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her laike!!!!
- by laike248, US

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